The Tallmadge Foundation offers opportunities for grants quarterly. The deadlines are January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15. Your application must be submitted by the deadline to be considered. You will be notified once the approvals are complete.

The information you will need to include on the application will help the Allocation Committee make a decision regarding the possible funding of your project/program. The more detailed, the better. We offer the included checklist of criteria our Allocations Committee uses to help determine if your application meets the Foundation’s mission. Please consider this carefully as you submit your application.

Please note that the request requires a signature from your Administrator (example: director, president of the organization, building principal, etc..), in addition to your own signature. This signature ensures that appropriate administrative personnel are aware of the submission of your grant. A letter of authority is acceptable.

We wish you success in your endeavor.


The Allocations Committee will review each application for the following:




  1. Is the proposed project consistent with the Foundation’s mission?  (20 points)
  2. Is the statement of the proposed project clear?  (5 points)
  3. Are the objectives clearly stated? (10 points)
  4. Are the procedures to be followed clearly described?  Are the methods and needed materials specified?  (10 points)
  5. Is a tentative schedule/schedule of events, and completion date stated?  (5 points)
  6. Are the plans for evaluating the project clearly stated? Does the project/program have a degree of probability to accomplish its objectives within the parameters established?  (10 points)
  7. Is the budget request reasonable and sufficiently detailed? Is there evidence of fiscal responsibility and accountability? (10 points)
  8. Does this proposal show evidence of becoming self-supporting or ceasing to exist after the goal is met? Is this a new project/program or similar to an on-going project/program? If it is an on-going project/program, does the proposal show a plan of sustainability? (10 points)
  9. Is the proposed project/program unique to the community? Unique/innovative does not necessarily mean new technology. (20 points)

Based on the committee’s recommendations, the Foundation will take one of these actions:

The Allocations Committee will present their recommendations to the Tallmadge Foundation Executive Committee for approval. The Committee Chair will notify Grant awardees once the approvals are complete.